WakeUp! Bulgaria | Open Air Festival

WakeUp! Bulgaria Festival 2016


The sixth edition of WakeUp! Bulgaria Festival is on its way! The rapidly spreading idea of awakening has been our driving force for six summers in a row now. During this period we realised that spiritual arousal is an individual process and a matter of personal choice. And while we are not our true selves […]

Unity of Nature and people Together

Unity of Nature and people Together

Music Program


Stage “WakeUp!” Friday Rebelites & Sen I BassYYokoto Ogi 23 The Top Stoppers Logo5 X-Team Emil Prize & MC Нема Saturday Teodosi Spaso and Ivan Shopov Foltin /MKD/ Baildsa /GR/ DJ Dharba Stage “Sphere” Friday Marshmellow Kundalini E-Mantra /RO/ Negada Saturday Niquiet Protonica /GE/ Shrooms Goa Angel Stage “Chill” Thursday Avigea DJ Skill & Ivan […]

Marshmellow @ WakeUp! 2016


Marshmellow – a name that you might be familiar from appearances in various Open Air parties and festivals. He dislikes to present and write about yourself. Underground is his comfort zone from which 10 years stubbornly refuses to come out. Do not expect to find his sets in the net, simply because there are none.

Niquiet @ WakeUp! 2016


We’ll get moving with Niquiet – proggresive trance. Quiet is the new loud.

Kendama Bulgaria @ WakeUp! 2016


Kendama is extremely addictive wooden toy that comes from Japan. So-called “Skill toys” (toys developing skills) are a fun way that you feel like a real samurai. They develop reflexes, coordination, sense of balance and improve physical and mental health. In today’s world of shiny, glowing toys and virtual computer game Kendama stands out with […]

Negada @ WakeUp! 2016


Negada from Goa Galaxy Dj and painter. The musical style which will perform is Goa trance!

Slackline Bulgaria @ WakeUp! 2016


Slaklayn is the new extreme sport that strongly resembles walking a tightrope, with the difference that is used here not as taut nylon or polyester flat ribbon attached in 2 pillars. The actual traffic ribbon exercising makes this sport to feel like on a long and narrow trampoline. Everyone can find its movement on the […]

Creative workshop for poetry @ WakeUp...

small girl writing

Creative workshop for poetry is aimed at children. The idea is to awaken their interest and excitement in the world of poeziyata- world that invites the imagination and awakens each other more colorful and vivid insight into the use of words. We wish in this workshop to join the children to this world through their […]

Shrooms @ WakeUp! 2016


Shrooms is member of WakeUp! crew also helped since its inception and this year we prepared a psychedelic trips.

Goa Angel @ WakeUp! 2016

goa angel

Goa Angel from Goa Galaxy will lead us into a magical journey …